Notarial Services Sydney – Proof of Identification

Before the notary public is able to assist you with your matter, you should consider whether you will be able to satisfactorily identify yourself before you attend our office.

At present Australian notaries are only able to identify people in one of three ways:

  • Personal knowledge;
  • Proof by credible witness; or
  • Documentary proof.

Unless you know the notary, we recommend that you bring photographic identification documents such as a passport or an Australian driver licence with you to your appointment.

You should note that the notary will not be able to accept foreign identification documents without specific supporting local or international identification documents.

In addition to providing us with sufficient identification, you will also need to provide the notary with your personal information which they will retain along with copies of your identification documents.

Together these records will enable the notary to verify that they correctly notarised the document/s and/or your identity if they are required to do so later on.

To assist you with what identity documents the notary will accept, please see the list of valid identification documents below, along with their respective point values (please note the list is not exhaustive):

Current Australian Passport – 70 points


Driver Licence – 40 points
Current Foreign Passport (with Australian visa) – 70 points


Decree Nisi – 40 points


Current Foreign Passport (without Australian visa) – 40 points


Educational Certificate – 40 points


Australian Citizenship Certificate – 70 points


Australian Marriage Certificate – 40 points


Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status – 70 points


Proof of Age Card – 40 points


DFAT Document of Identity – 70 points


Student ID Card – 40 points


Australian Birth Certificate – 40 points


Tenancy Agreement or Lease – 20 points


Bank Statement or Passbook – 40 points


Medicare Card – 20 points


Credit Card – 40 points


Motor Vehicle Registration – 20 points